Why Photography events are good for you

Yesterday I had a pleasure to be a part of big event Shoot Lika a Pro Reloaded by Scott Kelby 

For those who are not familiar with him Scott He is a "Photoshop Guy" Photographer and Educator.

He is Chief for Photoshop User magazine and host at Kelbytv.com, and founder of KelbyOne which is in my opinion best place to learn photography that you can find online.



This was my 2nd visit at his tour and I must say it was a good fun.

It sis good to meet new people who love same thinks, and even if they do still life photography and you do weddings or they do food and you do fashion it is still very inspiring and bring motivation and joy.

I also had a pleasure to talk to Glyn Dewis who is one of my favourite photographer and retoucher. I been following his work for a years and yesterday had this extremly pleasure to chat with him witch absolutely made my day.



So yes for events like this, so yes for meeting new people who share your passion so yes for new experience